• What is Start2Pay

    We are a payment gateway, a technical platform that covers all the merchants’ needs quickly and easily. Our technical solutions will expand your business portfolio, by helping your business to cover any payment methods available on the market of EU, Asian countries, Latin America, CIS countries, etc.

  • What areas do you operate in?

    We successfully cooperate with companies from the following business categories in organizing receipt of payments: e-commerce, electronic goods and services etc.

  • How much do your services cost?

    For each of our partners we draw up an individual offer with business terms that are beneficial for both sides. This calculation takes into account the size of your business and the range of needed services.

  • What payment methods do you support?

    We support all popular payment methods: bank cards, e-money, internet banking, payment terminals, mobile payments, and prepaid cards

  • Do you provide protection against fraud?

    We use our own antifraud system, which we have developed based on advanced technologies and many years of successful experience.

  • How can I start working with you?

    Get in touch with our sales division at sales@start2pay.com. Describe your business, give us a link to your website (if you have one), and specify the size of your expected turnover, or leave us a way to get back to you by whatever is convenient: telephone, e-mail, or Skype. We will get in touch with you right away.

  • Can I see how the payment page on my site will look?

    Visit the link https://shop.start2pay.com/, where you can get acquainted with a demo version of our payment solution.

  • How long does it take to integrate your platform?

    Integrating our platform will take between several days and several weeks. Everything depends on how quickly legal matters are solved, and what method of integration you choose.

  • Can I customize the platform design for the unique style of my site?

    Yes, our platform can be customized for any unique design depending on your requests.

  • Do you work with companies registered outside of Russia?

    Yes. We are already actively working with companies located throughout the CIS and we are open to collaboration with partners worldwide.

Let’s start cooperating now!